Introducing Taggtool

A new way of managing shared files across your local network.

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No Uploads!

With Taggtool you leave your files exactly where they are, no lengthly upload process is required.

Browser Based

You can access your local files from any browser and device including tablets and phones.


Your files, your network - everything runs behind your firewall.

What is Taggtool?

With Taggtool, you can associate short labels called tags to your files.

These Tags are stored in an index maintained by Taggtool, your physical files are never modified.

Taggtool re-indexes on a regular basis in order to keep the index and your file system aligned.

You can then find your files in seconds by searching with the tags.

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The Tag Library

You can decide which tags can be used via the Tag Library.

To maintain consistency you can restrict tagging to just tags in the library or you can allow free text tags.

File Previewing

For Images, Video and PDF documents you can preview your documents directly in the browser.

Taggtool supports audio and video streaming so you can add tags while you watch!

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Tag Rules

Automatically add tags to your files based on simple rules.

New Features Coming Soon

Folder Tagging - Add tags to your folders as well as files.

User Security - Manage access via users and roles.

Saved Searches - Save your file searches for fast recall.

Link Sharing - Share file links with colleagues

Data Backup - Automatic backups for your tagged files.

Native Apps for IOS and Android

Our Pricing

We are currently in BETA so you can download Taggtool today for free.

Download currently unavailable.

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